Choosing Between 2 Different Properties

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Good Morning! Me and my friends are looking to get our first investment home in Yuma, AZ. We will be living in it and paying the rent on our own and selling it in the near future, we’ve narrowed our search down to 2 homes and are ready to pull the trigger, we’d just like some opinions on which home has the higher walk-in equity. We know we can get some in either case we’re just torn as to which one would produce more. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Home # 1 Home # 2 Thank You, Dallas

hey Dallas,

I'm in the Yuma area. What are you using to determine market value. Equity is determined more on how you negotiate your purchase price and the resell value. You will need to post more specific information as to the comps your using as well as ARV (if there is rehab option) for advice on equity. Hope this helps. Congrats on making the decision to start investing. We should do a Yuma Meet and Greet for bigger pockets members. DM me

just an FYI the first house you listed is under contract and my opinion on the second, there’s no walk in equity there.

I am a Realtor in Yuma btw. Message me if you are interested in discussing investing in Yuma further.