Buying duplex - current tenant situation

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Hi everyone! I’m buying a duplex, set to close the beginning of August. One unit is completely remodeled and rented out, the other needs cosmetics and is vacant. The problem: Current tenant was a friend of the seller. Paying well below market rate. Because of this I opted out of putting something in the P&S regarding a signed lease with money held in escrow, etc. But the Underwriters need a signed lease to give me the loan. Now the tenant has first months rent (market rate), but no security deposit. And I believe they are willing to sign a 3 month lease until they find a new apartment elsewhere. How would you proceed? It is absolutely vital I have AT LEAST first months rent to cover the majority of the mortgage while I fix up the other unit. The current tenant is very organized and clean. I would obviously feel better with a security deposit, but will that cause me problems demanding it?