Hello everyone, 

My names Ernest Lopez. I’m new to the real estate investing world and I’ve been reading and combing BP for about two months. Finally got involved in a deal with a partner and I’m looking for some advice or tips. Here’s the situation. 

A man passed away and left his house to a family friend. Me and my partner bought the house from the family friend and are looking to refinance the house. The refinance deal is hung up because of a legal ownership issue. The man had an ex wife that also passed away and they may have never took her name off the deed. She has a son and he could be legally owed her half of the house. The bank suggested I find him and see if he'll sell me his half. Does anyone have any advice or tips for me to get through this situation as inexpensively and stress free as possible? Thanks for all the help. This community gave me the confidence to get into REI.