Listing SFHs in DFW area

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I have four SFHs left in the dallas market. I have not been able to dedicate the time or energy required to manage them considering I have moved pretty robustly into the Multifamily space. These last few years I’ve been letting them plug along, but they are definitely not being managed optimally. I am using third party management, but they have recently changed owners and have been terrible. Anyway, the properties are in ok shape (C assets) in the mesquite, Arlington, and Dallas area. 

My question is, what is the best way to sell the properties? I’d like to have an agent who specializes in investor clients because ideally, I could sell them as a small portfolio to one investor. They are fairly cheap compared to other assets we own, I’ve been maintaining them, but I definitely have not been maintaining them as much as needed. Any advice is appreciated. 

I know quite a few people who would be interested in the package. 

Also, @Kenneth McKeown is an investor and real estate agent who could help you list and find a buyer for the whole package. He works with a lot of investors 

@Tyler Hodgson thanks!

@Veena J. I went ahead and sent you a PM. Feel free to reach out if you'd like!

There are definitely a few ways you can do this - selling them altogether may be an easier and quicker transaction if you can find someone to purchase all four - or depending on the condition of the property and willingness to do some work, you could sell them separately and profit quite a bit more. 

Veena, lots of ways to sell. If they are appropriately priced, they would sell in a HOT July minute.  You could probably sell on here. Feel free to send me the details, I may be interested or definitely know someone who would be.