Insurance claim on stolen ac units to cover mortgage payoff

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I have a duplex under contract & during our inspection period we found replacing the two ac units would be much more expensive than expected.  The sellers offered to submit an insurance claim for the stolen ac units and take that $ to cover the difference between our new price & her mortgage payoff.  Has anyone successfully accomplished this?  If so, what should I do as far as an addendum or extension to the contract?  Is there anything I need/should do to make this happen?  

Why wouldn't the seller have filed that claim anyway? I'm assuming the AC units have actually been stolen, and no one is suggesting filing a claim for units that have not been stolen (or were never there in the first place). And I would think someone would have wanted to file a police report on the stolen units. 

Simple resolution: you reduce the purchase price by whatever the (missing) AC units are worth to you, and the seller does what he/she wants with the insurance claim, which would be their money anyway. There's no reason for you to be involved in all of that anyway. 

you may want to think twice about that area.. they steal them once   it could easily happen again.. at the least cage them

the house was inherited & the wife never went to the property.  Was empty 3 years.   They just signed a new contract at the reduced price, thanks everyone!