Title Fees in NJ (Passaic County)

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I am closing on a single family owner-occupied residential property. Loan Amt is $175,000. The Title company is charging me the following fees:

-Admin Processing Fee $35

-Closing Protection Letter $75

-Lender Title Insurance $844

-Notice of Settlement $40

-Rundown & Record Fee $$20

-Settlement Fee $325

-Tidelands Search NJ $30

-Title Endorsement Fee $$100

-Title Examination $100

-Title Search Abstract $167

-Wire Transfer Fee $25

Are these fees customary or is it excessive?

Recording Fees on my Closing Disclosure (CD) is lasted as follows:

Deed: $130 Mortgage: $260 Total=$390

Is this correct? I did some research and in Passaic County it shows that recording the 1st page of deed is $43 and $10 for each additional page. For the mortgage its $33 for the 1st page with $10 for each additional page.

Yes, those are all standard. If a lawyer is settling instead of the title company, the settlement fee should be reduced, but otherwise, everything looks right. Recording fees are an estimate and they are supposed to (by law) return any excess after they record.