Hello BP Community

I hope its ok to post this here. This is in my general area/neck of the woods in West Virginia. I am not associated with this group and had never met them before. Having said that, myself and a few local friends are donating some money as well as our time to build this house for this family. Wanted to share the videos so you could see whats going on and what you would be helping out with. Hard to believe that people are still living like this, especially here in my own home state.

First Video That Got It All Started

After watching that video some friends got to talking and my buddy went down to look at the job site today. He said before he went there that he was hoping we could build him a whole new house. Here is the video they took today and has inspired me to make this post. 

Second Video

For anyone who can and is willing to contribute I thank you and God Bless. If you can't donate maybe you could at least share it on your social media to help spread the word for this cause.