How do I find out if there is a lien on a property?

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I have been looking at properties and have came across a multifamily that is in auction. So I want to do my due diligence and check into it as much as I can. I want to know if the title is free and clear or if there are liens or anything else for that matter going wrong with it. I was able to contact the county clerks office and they sent me a "NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND INTENTION TO SELL" document on the property. From here I am not sure where to start. Should I call the attorneys office that is listed on the document? Whats the next step? Or is there an easier way?

This particular county does not have online access to the courthouse documents. 

Yes, for the most part. But since you are asking this question I assume you are not experienced in doing it. It is easy to miss something since you don’t know everything to look for, or where to look.  Spending $100-$200 is by far your best bet, it could save you a $100k mistake.