Real Estate Investing in Bakersfied, CA

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Welcome to Bigger Pocket @Evert Jafet Calderon

Another good way to meet local investors and wholesalers is to go to a local real estate meetup. I started one here on bigger pockets and it grew to nearly 300 local members.  It is free and is very welcoming to new investors:

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@James Stevens looked into him yesterday, absolute beast!

 Yes! He certainly is!  I love the fact that he puts ethics and morals above the fact of legality.  Even if something is legal to do, he won't do it if it's not moral and ethical.  That means a lot to me.

Evert Jafet Calderon I’m glad to see that you are looking into the Bakersfield market! If you have some free time feel free to look through my previous posts to provide you with some information on where I think Bakersfield will be going in the future.

As far as wholesaling is concerned, if you find any good wholesalers or any good deals, please let me know as I am in the market as well right now.

If you have any further questions I would love to help! Feel free to ask, or PM me and we can chat directly.

@Gene Hacker is right that our meetings are very good and helpful for learning and growing! Would love to see you at one!