I just had an interesting exchange with a BP member. He insists nowhere in the country can you walk through a multi unit property or know terms of leases until you are under contract to buy the property. He said that could only happen in "small town Iowa".  So, I'm curious to hear from people. I know some investors will make offers sight unseen, but how "normal" is that? I would never make an offer on a multi family property without stepping foot inside. What is your due diligence before you make an offer on a property? I view every unit and ask for the terms of the lease of any current tenants. That is normal here. If it matters at all, he was making an offer on a property over $500k without viewing the units, and found out after inspection that he way overbid for said property, and was able to cancel his offer. I suggested due diligence wasn't done ahead of time. He took umbrage at my suggestion.