Hey Guys, So someone brought me three continous lots zones single family (RSA5) for sale in a desirable area of philly Point Breeze/Newbold. Each lot is approx 12 x 34 (400sf), and they want around $250k total. My partner really wants to do a new construction project and we certainly have the means to, but have no experience. Can anyone provide any feedback on the above information, what to look for, and what I can do with these lots? They seem so small. Ideally we would love to build a few triplexes, but don’t know if we can get the zoning changed, or we would mind doing a few new construction flips. I’m just so thrown off by the lot sizes, but maybe this is normal for the area and perhaps there are additional options because of the fact that they are continuous? I’m lost and looking for advice. Thanks!