GC recommendations for Philadelphia

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Hey guys, I’m looking for solid recommendations for GCs in Philadelphia for both new construction and full rehabs. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Mayer M. , I'm in the early stages of a new build with GM Home and am liking them so far. I've seen a lot of their work in Point Breeze and it's top notch. I've got a lot of other contacts for GC's, Architects, subs, permit expediters, Geo/ Soils, Zoning attorney's, ADA ramp plan engineers, structural engineers, you name it related to new construction in Philadelphia. Feel free to reach out at any time and I'd be glad to help in any way that I can, happy investing!

@Mayer M. What kind of shape is it in? It may be more beneficial to tear down and build new depending on the condition and comps in the area. I'm not as familiar with any GC's rehab experience but if you are looking to do a new build shoot me a message and I can send over some contacts.