Funding your deals from NSA cash paying you $200/Hour?

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Hello everyone, 

If you are like me you want to start purchasing rental properties but currently lack the required capital for the  down payment on an investment property. There are some great books out there on how to creatively finance your deals and get started with low and no money down but maybe you are like me and would prefer to do deals where you own all the interests and do not want to pay the ridiculous interest and points associated with hard money. 

I have stumbled upon a side hustle in order to boost my income and I wanted to share my findings with you all and see if anyone else is involved with this who would be willing to share their experience with what is often referred to as "the best kept secret in real-estate" 

This side-hustle involves working with escrow officers and mortgage brokers as a Notary signing agent. While the title may sound sophisticated the process is really not. Your job is to deliver loan documents to people obtaining mortgages, make sure they sign everything that needs to be signed and take the documents back to the lender. The whole signing process takes 30 minutes to an hour and the typical pay on each signing is between $100-$150 however an associate of mine offers $250 per signing. That is right $250 for an hour or less of work and a little bit of driving time just to watch someone sign loan documents. The best part is the majority of loan signings take place during nights and weekends so this can be done in conjunction with your day job.

The only thing required to complete this job is that you obtain your notary certification through your state and some escrow officers prefer that you take a training course in walking borrowers through the signing process. Some states are easier than others to obtain a notary certification. My state California has some of the strictest requirements. You must take a 9 hour education course (which realistically can be finished in 3) and take a 30 question test, once again this is the MOST challenging state to receive your notary in. For information on your states requirements follow this link

You may be wondering how you get clients in this business and "will I have to network and door knock untill I find people to use my services?". Though this is a good way to gain consistent business the easiest way is to simply put your name on one of the many Signing services. Escrow offices will look at a list of Signing agents in their area on the list and simply call or text the number you put on the list and ask you if you can supervise a loan signing at a certain time and location. 

Just think, if you can complete 2 signings a week either after work or on weekends that is an extra $15K  a year that you can use towards acquiring rental properties with only a couple extra hours of work per week.

To learn more about the process you can check out this link:

Or watch this youtube video: 

I am still in the process of obtaining my notary so I have not done any signings yet but I have heard from several signing agents that it is the best way EVER to make side income. 

If anyone has any experience as a signing agent please let me know how you are liking it. For the rest of you I encourage you to look into this like I did, It seems like a great way to earn side income as a way to fund rental property investments. 

This was certainly a pleasant surprise! "NSA" and "$200/hr" conjured images of services that aren't notary....