Macon GA - Mercer University Dr Investing

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Hey BP Family,

I’m looking at a couple of duplexes on Mercer Univerisity Drive in Macon, GA about 1 mile away from Mercer University. Seems like a great opportunity in my eyes because it’s so close to the school, but I’m not too familiar with the area in regards to the renter market. Anyone know much about the Macon Area, particularly the history on Mercer University Drive? Looks like there are some boarded up houses along this road, but I can see some opportunity here to tap into renters looking to be close to the school.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Kind Regards,

@Myles Cardenas it’s all subjective in that area. I don’t think anyone will be able to answe those questions for you, but instead you’ll have to make those decisions on your own. I personally avoid those types of properties in that area for the reasons you’re stating.