Owner Tracking Service for Vacant Homes, Abandoned Properties

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I often come across vacant homes in areas of interest which would be great rehab candidates. I am aware of a few disjointed ways to track down owners online but they seem very laborious and inefficient. I was curious how other rehabbers have dealt with locating owners for that 'perfect' rehab property they have been eyeing for a while? I have tried RE agents but never got very far with them and later tried to work with a RE investor marketing / wholesaling outfit. Only to find out much later found out that the marketing outfit did locate the owner but went around me and pitched the property to other investors as well without my consent.

Any suggestions in this scenario or recommendations of service providers who would not try to steal a deal from under you? I would like to focus on what I enjoy and do well, which is rehabbing, however feel the need to work with a reliable service for locating owners for such properties of interest in the Atlanta market.

@Kj Rustom I'm not sure about Atlanta, but in Virginia where I invest you can type in property maps and get the owner information. If the owner is an LLC, you can go to Virginia's SCC website and track down who the owner of the LLC is or at least their mailing address. Once I have the name and owners address, I add it to my direct mail campaign. You can also try spokeo, but their information isn't great. Findtheseller.com isn't a bad website if you have 50 homes you want to buy. The numbers work out ok, but it gets expensive if you just have one or two homes you are interested in. I hope that helps