Equity Partnership Structure

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When searching for private capital as down payment on rentals, how are you guys structuring the deal? 50/50 even split. One person brings the capital and one person is the deal provider/manager. 50/50 split on cash flow and equity? Looking to get some suggestions. I have family members who are interested in investing and my capitol is currently tied up right now in a deal.

from my perspective putting up equity in rentals at max debt rarely throws off enough cash flow to pay two people.

@Jason Luongo

That's the way I do it typically.

I find the deal, find insurance, find bank financing, pretty much do all the work.

My investor shows up at closing and signs the docs and brings the money.

It's a money/time trade off. 

@Luka Milicevic

Are you forming an LLC or LLP for each deal? Are you both on the loan? I just finished reading Matt Faircloth's book on raising private capital but I still have many questions in regards to some of the technical aspects. I would love to pick your brain a bit.

@Jason Luongo

I have my own LLC.

The LLC owns the partnership. I don't form a new partnership for each deal, just for each partner.

I don't use LLCs with non family members. The reason is because in TN you are then subject to F+E taxes. That's just my state specific laws.