Broker fees charged at closing

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So I'm ready to put in my first offer, a small single family rental property, and received an offer agreement from my agent. Scanning through the pages I came upon a "compliance/transaction fee due to broker at closing" of $1,495, and when I pressed the agent he said that it's a compliance fee that his office charges for properties below a certain purchase price.  My first reaction was to tell the agent and broker to take a me this is clearly some add-on fee used by the broker to increase their profit margin on smaller transactions.  But on the chance that I'm being too hasty, I figured out reach out to you guys to get some feedback.  Are broker fees customary?  If so, is this is a reasonable amount?

@Igor Levit broker fees are used by some brokers but i have never heard of that amount. I am a realtor and the most i have ever heard of was $295 and my broker sells multi million dollar homes and we also do rentals. I would use a different agent for the transaction

Many brokers will not service properties below a certain price point, or will have a minimum fee to offset the low price point. I personally do not service properties if the commission is not at least $5,000.