Is my lender wrong regarding serial House-hacking?

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In a recent discussion with my go-to mortgage lender, it was stated that House Hacking using a FHA 3.5% down loan is a "one-and-done" thing because the FHA underwriters will almost certainly not approve a subsequent loan request on a 2-4 unit home because they will deem it an attempt to buy investment properties instead of truly owner occupy.

Since I know there are surely many people here that have house-hacked multiple properties, I wanted to ask . . . have you used the FHA 3.5% down loan subsequently or multiple times? What loan products have you used? If multiple different types, which do you prefer?

Thanks in advance for the input here! 

@Eric James thanks Eric! Is it possible to use a conventional loan with less than 15% down on a 2-4 unit property? I have heard that a few of the products with 0-10% down in the conventional loan paradigm exclude any multi-family dwellings.