Can you use 2nd Home as LT Rental?

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So my realtor has proposed the questIon, we have obtained a loan. I described what we wanted to do by purchasing a home out of state to our mortgage lender and she said we should go with ______loan because of interest rate, APR. I told her we may do long term rental with it and we were leaning that way. So here’s the dilemma, realtor calls 1 day before closing and says, “I’m advising you that if you buy this house and plan on it being a LT rental but have the loan as a second home and not as an investment loan then you could be committing mortgage fraud” and she doesn’t want any part of it. Any advice???
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@Susanne Owens

I believe your realtor is correct. You can’t get a second home loan and then use it as a normal rental. That’s mortgage fraud

 So if you get a second home mortgage then you can never rent it when your not there?