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I am wondering who is the best real estate attorney in the Oklahoma City, Ok area. Would love to work with one that invest in real estate themselves. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

Hi Marty,

I am not sure who the "best" real estate attorney in OKC might be, because there are unique pros and cons associated with most attorneys.  For example, you could go to a large downtown OKC firm, such as McAfee Taft or Crowe Dunlevy, and find the "best" attorneys in terms of prestige (NOTE, I do not work for either of these firm, I work for a small firm).  For some investors, a large firm might be the right fit, but you will pay a hefty hourly rate.

Other investors prefer a solo attorney or a small firm attorney.  Some solos and small firm attorneys have lower hourly rates, are more responsive, and do the same quality of work.  On the other hand, some small firms may be less responsive if they have a heavy workload.

Really, you cannot answer this question based on the size of the firm, or even based on the practice area.  Many attorneys purport to practice in a certain area, but they do not really grasp the objectives and preferences of the client.

Just like there is no single area of real estate that is best for everyone, there is no single real estate attorney that is best everyone.  Everyone has different legal needs and different personalities (even within the real estate industry).  For example, the best attorney for structuring a complicated lease option might not be the best attorney for drafting a quiet title petition.  So, I suggest that you call around and get a feel for the different personalities and skill sets out there.  Here are a few ideas (complete with summaries and links to attorney bios):

  • Kraettli Epperson is considered the guru on title law and many other real estate issues in Oklahoma.  He is likely to be very busy, expensive, and serving high profile clients.  You may be unable to get quick response times from him, but he bears mentioning because of his expertise.  For routine legal work, he may not be cost effective.  However, your go-to real estate attorney might want to consult Kraettli on sticky legal issues.
  • Andrew Hwang is a commercial broker and attorney.  He is of counsel with the firm Riggs Abney.  I'm not sure whether he is taking clients right now (he might be focusing on brokerage work) but I know that he understands the investor's world quite well.
  • Casey Gray is an attorney at Gungoll Jackson.  His practice areas are not limited to real estate, but I know that he has significant experience in real estate.  I have come across him a few times, and he seems like a solid guy.
  • I am also a real estate attorney focused on serving investors with speed and cost-effectiveness.  I have not been around for 20+ years, but I consult with more experienced attorneys as needed, and I specialize in moving quickly without incurring ridiculous legal costs.  See my overview and articles at  Jones Property Law.   

I hope this was helpful!



Thanks Ryan. Well said! I appreciate you taking the time to write this up and give us your thoughts. You are write that each person is going to have their own needs in this regard. We are small and getting started in the real estate world, but do understand and value doing things well, while protecting our assets. I think attorney are cheap if they do their job well for you and help protect and strengthen ones investments. Thanks again for your time. We appreciate it. Marty