Properties owned by bank

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Dear group members, 

Please advise what are the best ways to sell the real estate owned by bank. 

My question is about the properties, which have problems. For example entrance of the property is located on the area owned by another person.

To solve the problem legally is costly. 

I would appreciate if you could advice best ways to sell properties using the most optimal option? 

Thank you.

@Joe G. The main reason why Bank can’t sell the house is that ex-owners live the nest door of Bank’a property. Three brothers had one overall land and thet built their houses. The one if them lost his house. Befor that they didn’t have some problem for using this land and houses, but when one of them lost house the siblings start to disturb Bank’s client who wants to buy it. For entering house we have to move on land by owned ex-owner brother. Where I able to explain the reality?

Is this in the US? If so, it would be incredibly rare for a bank to lend money on a land locked property....if so, move on.  Are you trying to wholesale ale this?