Over due taxes on property

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My brother has been living in an apartment complex since 2005. The apartment has 11 units and only two units is being rented. My brother Mail  his rent payment of every month. Yesterday the sheriff  posted a tax bill which have not been paid in the last three years on his door.  My question is if we pay the past due taxes how can we get our money back if the owner shows up.

If you pay the taxes I don't think you'd be able to get your money back. If the owner hasn't paid the taxes to the City more than likely he/she won't pay you either.  You may want to forward the tax bill to the current owner via mail and hope that he/she pays before the City takes possession.  

@Elizabeth Mckinnon I see it is your first post welcome to BP.  I would check with an attorney. You may be able to pay the taxes and deduct them from your rent. You may be able to find a free (pro Bono) landlord tenant attorney. 

You may also be able to buy the tax lien or tax deed (not sure if it is a lien or deed in GA).  That is a much more complex issue but could be a windfall for you.