BP Community,

I finally decided to take that leap of faith and start actively pursuing real estate deals. More so out of state real estate deals for cash flow after reading David Greene's book. I sold my primary residence at the end of July and want to use those proceeds to buy deals.

I am now in the research phase and want to start putting in offers. I am seeking some advice or examples in regards to Brandon Turners 3 option offers. I am interested in a 5-plex listed at $244,000, but after running the numbers through the BP calculator the most I should offer is $171,000 in order to cash flow a little over $100 a door.

Brandon mentions in several different podcasts and interviews that he submits 3 different options to the seller when submitting an offer so not to totally offend the seller. I know me submitting a $171,000 offer when they are asking $244,000 could totally offend the seller. But, seeing how it has been on the market for 170 days, they may be open to some discussions as they are obviously not getting the price they want.

Can you give me some ideas on how I should submit three different variations of offers that is still in my benefit to get it under market value and still cash flow?