First time REI in the HOUSTON MSA - any suggestions?

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My wife and I are seeking guidance/advice on which sector of the real estate market to focus on in the Houston MSA. Due to us being novices, we look at each sector and think that the market is TOO HOT or its out of our price range. How can we go about taking a CALCULATED risk? We are nervous as this will be our first investment and since both of us have full time careers, we are currently looking for a passive investment where we can invest with someone and learn from the bottom up. Our goal is to gain the experience from the first couple of investments and then to grow/multiply the portfolio. ANY SUGGESTION/ADVICE WILL HELP! THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Hello Shahin and wife!   I would recommend how to raise money legally and Partnership forming.  Everybody needs a place to live and apartments are one of the best passive investments and it makes money on day 1 if that is one of your goals and it can be a great long term investments.

To do that type of purchasing of a minimum of about 32 units can afford a Property Management Company and still have a positive cash flow and each vacancy does not hurt so much.

You do not need to have any experience to buy them,. Just money.  With a Property Management. Company handling the daily operation y'all do not have to be on site everyday.

Good luck to you both!