Finding property off market

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I'd like to find a property off the market. Hopefully I can get a deal that way. How would u do it? What do I need to have beforehand? (loan preapproval?) If you were to hire someone to do it, how would you pay? thanks!

@Roong K. Finding off market deals is a little more challenging than looking on MLS, but it can be done. Attend local real estate meetings and build connections with wholesalers, investors, realtors, ect. Make it clear what you are looking for and have a pre-approval ready. Know what steps of action are necessary to analyze a deal and close quickly. Show that you are serious and want to do business with others. Know your stuff!

If you are looking to hire someone, I would recommend working with a wholesaler and build a connection with them. Explain that you want the relationship to be a win-win scenario. A real estate deal of making $5K for both sides is better than no deal at all. Keep that in mind as you move forward in your real estate career, and you will do well. 

Best of Luck!