Has anybody used Leadpropeller?

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I've been trying to get this setup for a few days. I get nothing but error messages constantly. I'm having trouble putting faith in a tech company to provide tech services that I can't even get setup.

I give a lot of leeway to the program simply from the BP referral to the site... but has anybody used this yet? If so, please provide feedback.

Hello, Brian.  I'm the founder of LeadPropeller.  I want to apologize for the experience you're having.  As soon as I saw this message, I let the support team know to reach out to you.  We'll get this resolved right away.  

Ok.  So we found out what had happened.  Apparently, there was an issue with being logged into the payment portal rather than the backend of your LeadPropeller account and therefore could not access the appropriate menus.  The support team is attempting to get in touch with you to see if there is anything else we can help with.  Sorry for the inconvenience that caused.   

hey @Danny Johnson It appears to be working now with that issue resolved. I received a call with instructions as well. Now it's up to building and making it work so hopefully it all goes smooth. thanks for reaching out, looking forward to good business in the future