Need help finding the owner of this property.

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I recently found an intriguing property when "driving for dollars". Via the county website and some other research, I discovered that not only is the owner listed on the county website deceased, but the entire immediate family is now deceased. If the county has not updated the website, how do I find the owner of the property? Does a bank now own it, and if so, how do I find which one? Thanks in advance for your responses.

@Ben Bream Have a full title search done. See if owners truly are deceased and double check there are no other heirs. If you find any heirs buy through them. Next check if there are any liens against the property or judgments against the owners. If there are it may be possible to buy the lien or judgment and then foreclose of the debt. 

Lastly see if it goes up for tax sale and possibly buy it that way.