Calling all LOUISVILLE Investors, Property Manangers, and Agents!

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Hello BP Community!

I'm looking at an 80-unit property in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here's the thing: I've never been there.

But, I've purchased multiple properties sight unseen, so I'm not scared off by that. However, I'd love to connect with any investors, property managers, agents, anyone that knows the Louisville market, because I have a few neighborhood specific questions.

If you're open to connect, please leave a comment below and I'll shoot you a DM.

Thanks all and Happy Investing!


Hey Tyler! I'm a carpenter from the Bay Area (Alameda) and I've been living in Louisville for the past two years. I'd be happy to help you out with contractor work or just random boots-on-the-ground type stuff. Hit me up!

I invest in Louisville KY from out of state and work with Jay Leisten. Jay has been a great on the ground partner and has helped me find many of the people we work with there. I'm also looking for Multi family housing and would love to here more about how its going with this property and what you do to find multi family deals. I hope things are going well and look forward to herring back from you.