Anyone working in Old North Sacramento?

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I have been looking at properties in Old North Sacramento - specifically 95815 area code. It seems that there are opportunities to CF there. I'm a new investor from the Bay Area and have been heavily looking in Oakland. From speaking with a couple of Sacramento property managers - I'm hearing C, more like D-type neighborhoods. One literally yelled, "WARZONE!" as he tried to get me off the phone (embellishing a bit but you get the idea). I'm a bit jaded to the meaning of "hood" or "ghetto" - having looked at properties in East Oakland.

I'm driving there soon to check out the area but would like to hear from experienced local investors, agents, etc. regarding the location. 

95815 is hit and miss and depends on the street itself. If you are thinking about it just come down and drive the areas you are thinking about investing in.  Usually you get better cashflow in the not so great neighborhoods vs better neighborhoods.

the issue here, vs oakland... is that A people will live in a "warzone" area in the bay to get the price and perks.  close to work, bart etc..  whereas in Sac... bad areas are really sticky because A people can go 3/4 mile in any direction and find a B neighborhood.  BUT, always drive it.  Many agents and PMs are operating off old info.. a street could be nice now that  they write off...

@Derek Jones @Carson Wilcox  Thank you very much for your input. I plan on driving around the area this week! The property is on Fairfield St about 3 blocks from King Cong Brewery, which I believe was just established last year. If the Yelp reviews are accurate, I'll take good beer as a good sign.