Seller carry 3 year term $50K

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Most of mine need 6% to carry.  And that's with me having experience and references, but for much longer terms than 3 years.

Maybe start at 5 and hope for 6.

How much down?  Will it be a mortgage where you own it, or a land contract where you don't? 

@Edith Ruano If you provide more details, we can give you better answers. It sounds like you are the buyer and the property seller will provide financing to you. I don't want to assume, though. Are you buying this for yourself? Will it be owner occupied, a rental or a flip? All these things matter and affect the answers. With owner financing, there are lots of possibilities but, in general, the borrower and lender will want the best terms and those are usually opposite things. The trick is to reach the win-win situation where both sides are happy given the circumstances.