Hey guys, i'm scared to promote my own deals...

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Hey guys, i'm new to the platform and i'm scared to keep promoting my deals. 

So far, i've been using a website assetcolumn.com i posted my wholesale deals and i've been receiving many messages from """potential""" buyers ... but i don't know if i should keep promoting my deals online... because i'm scared that some of them try to figure it out a way to contact the owner and ask for how long we've the wholesale contract etc... 

What do you guys recommend?  should i keep a private list of potential buyers or should i promote online and assume the risk? 


I think if you not an agent in FLA  your probably breaking the law advertising houses you don't own and just have under contract.. and as such anyone can go around you in contract or not.. 

File a MOC (Memorandum of Contract) with the county. If a buyer goes to the seller to cut a backdoor deal, the Memo will come up and they will have to negotiate with you. We file memos on every house we place under contract in order to prevent that from happening.