Occupancy rates in Lake Tahoe CA

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Hello Folks,

Looking at this Motel deal in North Lake Tahoe CA, what should be the occupancy rate I should consider while evaluating this? Could someone experience with properties/hotel/motel in Lake Tahoe please help out? Thanks much in advance!

motels in tahoe are getting owned by VRBO etc.. now, changes are coming there.. but I would get LOCKED in numbers before you make a move.  current owners should have real #'s for the property... and the tourism board will have the regional info...

@Deepak Kumar Is thIs your first hotel property in general or first in the area? Let me know if there is anything I can help you with but depending on what your goals are, could mean a variation to consider. Are you looking for insights on the area, business itself, or other info? Let me know and happy to share insights as I am very familiar with Tahoe. Thanks.