Finding a companies to help selling apartments to TIC buyers

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Hello everybody!
I'm interested in studying of business related to finding sellers of multi-room apartments/house and signing an agreement to find buyers for each room and to make an acquisition by proper TIC agreement.
I tried to find such companies with full cycle service, but unfortunately I found only firms/attorneys which can help with some parts of full cycle.
For instance if there are buyers for a certain multi-room apartments and owner who wants to sell apartments - then attorney can help to make a TIC agreement, suitable for them.
Could you please suggest proper search words to find a companies which do full cycle service?

Best regards!

@Roman Bass This is a very specific question. From what I know there are attorneys who will draft TICA per case basis but never heard of a company/real estate firm who does the whole thing. What state are you in? Have you had any luck?