Do you have 15-30 units? Let's connect!

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I’m looking to form a small group (thinking 3 – 7 people) of like-minded investors to learn, share ideas and best practices. I’d like this group to be specific to smaller operators with between 15-30 doors. Not trying to exclude people, but wanting a group where folks have experience and a level of success, but also might be experiencing some growing pains or just want more.  Location isn’t important as I’d want to connect over email, phone, text, etc. Ideally looking for active investors who participate in managing their properties or have some other active real estate income. This is obviously not a paid group and nobody is going to be selling anything. I’m just a guy who has some experience he can share, but wants to learn from others.

About me….I'm a full time investor, agent and landlord in Kansas City. Been in the business since 2013 and have executed flips, wholesales, BRRR's along with agent representation for investors and home buyers/sellers. I'm looking to grow my rental portfolio, but also looking to scale my buying and selling business and remove myself from many of my day to day tasks. Would love to discuss the following…

Property management best practices

Marketing for deals

Financial tracking and systems

Flipping and/or wholesaling

Scheduling your day

Financing your deals

If you think something like this could be beneficial to you and feel you could also add to the group with your experience, please PM me with a little about you and we can go from there.  Happy Investing!