You,Money, Investments etc.. over your wife and kids. What? Yep.

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I once had a conversation with a more seasoned investor. He told me to always put you, money and business first over your family. Of course me being a big time family man and my total motivation being my family I was looking at this guy like what a POS.

But then he broke it down to me. He said I love my family just as much as you do. But if you don't take care of yourself, health or mental well being you can not provide for your family. If you don't take care of your money or investments you in turn can not provide for your family. I really thought that this was very deep. 

Its actually been how I ran my life anyways. If I worked I missed functions. School or what ever. But my wife was always there to be with my kids to represent us. Did it kill me? YES. But I want to provide. I worked enough so my wife didn't have too. So my kids always had their mother with them. I look back and sometimes regret it because of time missed. But my kids never wanted for nothing. To me that was worth it. Never worried about food like me and my wife did. Never worried about a roof over their heads. Never worried at all. 

I always hit the gym and been very healthy. In investing you must work out. Your investing may not be as much physical. But its mental and that can effect your heart. Work out. My greatest ideas came from the gym. Actually I met a Sirus radio economics host at the gym. He wants me to guest on his show and also approached me about a TV show. You could make great connections anywhere.

I'm sure I will be attacked because of this topic. But think deeply about it and it can really make sense.  

Hehe... this is so true, but no one wants to admit it because they think they will sound heartless and selfish...  Dr. Laura, that crazy self help lady on the radio used to get garbage for telling burned out housewives to leave their kids with a sitter, go for a weekend and **** their spouses....relax, have some drinks...  Always said no good marriage, cant be good parents etc...  Same thing here...  if the base of your pyramid is you, your body, your business, and wife and kids and volunteering etc... on top of that... if you go to heck... what happens then...  But... as in all things.. moderation.