Wholesaler Training Event

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So to curtail my last post and wanting to give back... is there anyone in the local Charlotte NC market that would like an opportunity to get together as part of a wholesaling workshop. Not a paid guru training, just a no holds bar, we help you get your wholesaling business off the ground or to the next level. 

An opportunity to talk shop, ask questions. We'll have a basic outline to go over but will allow a period for networking and questions.

Reply here

1. If you are interested

2. What topics you'd most like to see covered

3. If afternoon or evening is most preferred. 

Lets shake up this town :)

Awesome, so with only 4 responses here, I'm wondering if we should do something different and cool!  
I'm gonna run a private event where we will talk about a few of the most pressing issues and concerns of the attendees. I'm going to make it really custom to the group that will be there. 

So those of you that responded, send me a message with the title PRIVATE WHOLESALER TRAINING, and I will give you the date and location. Respond with 1 or 2 of your biggest challenges right now or things you would like help on, and I'm going to set aside an hour and half to try to delve in and help.

Gonna shoot for Monday November 19th @ 5pm, so let me know how that works for you too.

Love to see action takers!