Connecting with others in the Rochester and Corning area

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I am looking to get my first deal in this area. Ultimately I’d want to get into flipping and/or renting, but in the mean time let’s connect and help each other build and grow! Would like to hear from folks in my area.

Hey, Pat, I'm actively looking for buy-and-hold properties in upstate New York, including in the Fingerlakes Region. I don't normally do conventional properties, but I do high-yield, long-term cashflow investments. If you're interested in collaborating, I'd love a chance to go over details.

@Eli Lederman , right now, we're looking across pretty much the entire state. We have properties in Chautauqua County, the Finger Lakes region, and near Saratoga Springs that we're conducting due diligence on. Also, I should note that the properties we're buying are land that are going to be leased for solar development, not multifamily rentals.