Good time to buy a multi-family (class A) rental in Baltimore?

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My husband and I plan to live here for the next 2 years. We have found something in a good neighborhood in Baltimore that has 3 units (2 bed 1 bath each) that classifies as class A rental. We plan to house hack for the 2 years and eventually move to greener pastures. Our current rent is $1650. We'll be barely making 12% returns after we move out of this property to completely rent it out. Want to go ahead but have some nagging second thoughts due to extended time spent on analysis and the upcoming recession.

The property is costing us 505k. With FHA loan the PITI is $3100.

3 units - 2 bed 1 bath. 

It’s is in a good condition. May be able to use upgrades for appliances in the future. And add minor upgrades to the owner unit. 

The current rent for 3 units is $4250 but there is room for increasing the rent since it has stayed the same for past 24 months.

And the neighborhood is Mt Washington.