House Hack a Summer Home?

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The situation: I live overseas with my family, but we return to the U.S. almost every year. When we return, however, we end up staying on friends' couches, or in family's basement. It's getting old fast. Practically speaking, I can't buy a property just to have it sit idle for 10 months out of the year.

The question: Does anyone have any ideas on how to purchase a property, but have it available for  4-6 weeks over the summer months? Ideally I would like to leave a vehicle, clothes, bikes, and a few other things available for my use when I stay there.

Thank you!

Do you have a certain area you're looking to buy in? If it's in or near a tourist area, you could AirBnB it for the 10 months and just block off the time you'll need/want to use it. If there's a garage you can use that to store your stuff in.  

@David Boley The NE is a beautiful area so the possibility of AirBnB could definitely be an option.

There was a podcast a couple months ago on here about STR. The guest had her own rentals plus she managed a few others. I'm sure if you asked around you'd be able to find someone to manage it for you.