Deal From Wholesaler - how to extend time?

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All. I have Access to Many interesting deals from wholesalers that I would like to purchase for buy&hold option. But problem is that their deals are very limited in Time to close which I currently cannot meet. I dont have a problem with cash but I need more Time to Access to that source hence more Time to close is needed. 

Do you have any recommendations how to extend that closing Time in Wholesaler assaignable contract? 

You need to follow their schedule often is 7-10 days to close or lose your deposit. They are also working with buyers who are eager and ready. I have seen offers stipulate buyers can handle 24 hour assignable contract.

Schedule on contract is very important.  An addendum is the best way to keep the contract valid/current. It needs to be rectified by all parties to be valid.

@Adam Blachnio there are no set rules...but just be honest. If you need more time, just let them know. It's all negotiable. If another buyer comes in and can move fast, you may lose it, but if there is no one else, they'll do the deal with you and wait if they have to.