Jacksonville FL - Investment Questions

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Hi All,

I'm interested in Jacksonville, FL and I have a few questions:

1.  Is this market oversaturated in 2019?  I've heard A LOT about Jacksonville over the past 1-2 years..

2. Do you have any advice regarding BRRRR strategy implementation for remote investors in this area?

3.  Any general advice about Jacksonville investing?  Good areas, bad areas, team building, weather issues, etc...  I'll be doing research myself, but wondering if anyone has a lesser known nugget of wisdom.



There are A LOT of buyers, and inventory is low. With that being said, there are still deals out there. We do have a warzone or two. I see many people buying in these areas, and it seems that they can produce a good amount of cash flow, but these areas just aren't for me. To each their own though. 

Good luck on your search.