Arizona Market Catches Fire! -AZ Realtor & Investor

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The AZ Market continues to be on fire! Interest rates have lowered again and I personally refinanced my home and cashed out 20k in equity after 1 year of buying one of my properties. (Also with a cash out refi you do not need to pay any taxes).

According to the US Census Bureau out of all the 3,142 counties in the United States, Maricopa County had the largest numeric increase in population at 81,244. Job growth continues at an all time high clip and Intell announced 7 BILL to be invested into the Greater PHX Market.

Rents and Sales Prices of homes have gone up YOY for the last 5 years and show no signs of stopping. PHX is more recession proof and I am actually looking to purchase another home myself.

Also it's important to note that the California wealth effect is real with corporate tax being 3x what it is in CA compared to AZ - a lot of companies and businesses are relocating to AZ.

Basically with more and more research, I have identified AZ as my next investment compared to OH with better long term appreciation and aligns better with my goals which are similar to yours. Also with the job growth, population growth and affordability compared to California, it is a homerun in my eyes.

If you need any free advice on real estate investing in AZ, please reach out to me!

Cheers to everyone's financial independence through real estate!

-Jared Smith