How did you fund your first deal?

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What’s up BiggerPockets! For those of you that have a few deals or a few dozen deals. What method did you use for funding your first property? Did it go as planned? Would you of done something different?

There are many ways to fund a property, but finding how to fund your first property seems to be a challenge for many people. Hopefully this discussion will help! 

Hey @Logan Splinter My first few duplexes were all self funded and then I transitioned into multifamily and started raising capital from people who just wanted to passively invest. Thankfully everything has gone as planned due to us always being ultra conservative with our projections and taking care of our investors hard earned money.

I think a solid way for people to get started is to House hack and live in a home with an FHA loan where they wont need a ton upfront. It's such an underrated strategy