Seller Financing Tips

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Good Afternoon everyone,

I have been looking into using seller financing as a way to really get into REI. I have look into different methods and was hoping i could get some first hand experience and tips on how i could be more effective in my pitch. I'm currently working on my pitch and compiling questions to ask.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

@Lionel Lambert Jr. , seller financing, like most parts of REI, isn't about a "pitch" it's about solving problems. If the seller has good property and the market is strong he's better off selling it on the retail market, no matter how good your "pitch" is.

But if he's sick and tired of being a landlord and can't stand the idea of one more tenant call, then he has a problem. It's your job to find a solution, one of which may be seller financing. That gives him the upside of owning property (a check in the mail every month) without the headaches he's come to hate. Problem solved!

Or perhaps poor health or financial strain has resulted in substantial deferred maintenance, making it a difficult property to sell on the retail market--he has a problem. Seller financing may allow him to sell and keep you capitalized to make the necessary improvements and raise the value of the property. Problem solved.

Just keep asking yourself, what's the problem and how can I help solve it?