How to identify BRRRR location?

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Looking to get the BRRRR process started and identify a team, and begin evaluating properties in a specific area. Question is what's the best method to find an area to invest in. I'm from California so my backyard is not an option. Have about 100-125K to get things started but am a bit stuck on how to hone in on a few areas to start the analysis process.

Any areas in particular I should be looking at? What should I be looking for? Any resources to help identify potential BRRRR areas throughout the country?

@David VanWert

In my area I look at the outskirts where people commute from. I look for newer homes from the 80's and 90's with modern floor plans that are beat up. Then I like to see them about 35%-40% under what they would be worth in good condition.

I think you could invest in California just fine. You need to go east though to do it. Do it before everyone else catches on.