this being an investor site..  not sure how many are retail agents.. I suspect quite a few.  My wife is one.. 

I just learn to stay out of her way..  :)  however there is a process..  she was a trainer for Floyd Wickman and owned a few different C 21 offices so her job was helping many first time agents get over the hump.. 

I started selling on the street level in 75 and it was a far different scene then.. being young and impatient.. I only sold land that my clients owned free and clear and could do seller carry backs..  NO apprasials  No banks no credit checks..etc.

my job was to find that one person who ONE had some down payment and two love the property I showed them enough to buy it..  

it was not until the 2000s that I actually sold a physical house other than my own properties and a few large ranchs that happened to have houses on them