Tax lien against property

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Just curious about the legality of a property tax lien.  We purchased a home September of 2017 it was two separate parcels one was 43 acres with improvements the other parcel is 9.14 acres with no improvements.  The second parcel of land for 9.14 acres we did not purchase, the seller retained ownership of it.  We were served with papers that we have a tax lien from 2017.  I have all of my receipts showing that we are paid up to date on property taxes so was confused as to what this was about.  Went to township today to find out that the lien is for the parcel we dont own!  They are refusing to remove lien off of our home! I do not understand how that is legal considering we do not own that parcel it's not connected as the smaller parcel is across the street.  Any advice is appreciated.

Each parcel should have a different lot and block number. Which lot and block number is on the lien? If the lien is definitely on the 9.14 acre parcel, you need to have the tax assessor fix the error.