Free and Clear duplex needs loan for repairs, what are my options

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Got a duplex that is paid for free and clear. It needs some repairs before renting and I need to leverage it for about 10,000. How do I leverage it for the repairs? I assume it is worth about 25,000 as is and about 40,000 ARV (after repair value). At the moment it is not producing an income, but could potentially produce more. How do I get a loan on existing properties

I would first talk to some bankers to see what your options maybe. I would look at getting a HELOC on the property and then after the repairs do a refinance into a fixed rate mortgage. Your problem may be the low value of the property and whether they will give you $10k on a property worth $25k. Many banks won't mess with it. Do you have any relationships with small community banks would be your best bet. Hopefully someone with lending experience can chime in to help you out more.

Thanks Ross, property values are not that high in many parts of Pine Bluff. I was thinking of putting it on my credit card than using a balance transfer option with another bank to lower the interest rate. What do you think about that idea, since I don't need much to get it going?