Construction Liens On a 30-Unit Multifamily

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I was talking with an owner of a thirty-unit multifamily property and he said he couldn't sell because there are construction liens on the property.  A search at the county clerk's office confirmed this.  The liens are 15 years old.  

Does anybody have experience with setlling these old liens in order to clear up title?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You / he probably need to hire a lawyer, but if they're 15 years old, it should be trivial, if the law where you live is anything like that in California. They're too old for the builder to take action on. The builder might even be liable for the legal cost of removing them if they don't remove them voluntarily (though, good luck collecting!).

Yeah, you need a local attorney experienced in mechanics liens.  In most jurisdictions, the lien becomes void after a year or so if the lienor didn’t file suit to enforce it.