What to do with cash and properties!!?? Help!

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A little history about my "investing" experience. I am now 30 years old. I bought my first property which I used as my residence when I was 25 years old. I had roommates which I charged rent to pay my mortgage and I matched that so I could pay the mortgage off. I currently owe about 25k left on my mortgage. I am currently renting that out to a good tenant which seems to be long term. I bought a multi unit property in a lower income area about 2 years after that...boy was that a headache at times and very costly. I now have It for sale because I do not want to deal with the issues anymore while working my full time job. While doing that I bought another property that was in bad shape. I currently live in this one with roommates as well paying for my mortgage. I fixed It up and have about 170k in equity. I bought another flip just about 2 months ago and It will be going on the market in a week or so. I will clear about 40k. My question for everyone is what should my next step be? Pay off my first property? Sell the property I currently live in take the profits and buy another residence? I plan on keeping my roommates so that's Another thing I have to keep in mind with buying another property. Should I stay single family housing or look for bigger commercial properties? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!